The 10 Best Lawn Mower to Buy in 2018

Keeping a lawn in order is rather a fancy than a necessity, but who wants to have an untidy lawn when it’s the main exterior decoration? Mowing experience tends to vary from user to user. The major difference lies in the mower used.

The choice of the best lawn mower is determined by the ease and convenience of use, your yard type, and some personal preferences. One thing is certain – there is always a perfect mower for everyone. However, in-depth analysis of the types of mowers is inevitable to make a choice you are going to be satisfied with. We’ve made the major part ourselves and sharing our observation here in this detailed step-by-step review of best lawn mowers.



Honda lawn mowers have always been about strong engines. This best lawn mower does not lag behind when it comes to engine quality. Thanks to this and other benefits, like large-capacity discharge bag and intuitive self-propulsion, this lawn mower is seen among the best lawn mowers on the marketplace. This walk-behind lawn mower is perfectly suitable for medium and large gardens.

It uses a MicroCut blade system with four cutting surfaces instead of the usual two. It enables you to cut your clippings into smaller pieces, has less grass waste and stores more grass in a discharge bag. In addition, its bag is 2.5 bushels sized which is 0.5 more than standard bags. Be ready it will be quite heavy when you want to remove the waste.

This Honda lawn mower has seven cutting levels – it enables you to mow your lawn at various cutting heights. However, you will need to set the wheel height for each level as the lawn mower has four-lever wheel adjustment. Unlike the majority of other best self-propelled lawn mowers, you will control Honda HRX 217VKA lawn mower with a thumb lever instead of a bar. You will be able to choose the preferred propulsion level.

Another feature worth taking into account when it comes to this lawn mower is mulching. There is a lever that enables you to choose the amounts of clippings you want to leave on the grass. Traditional lawn mowers let you choose either to leave everything or nothing at all. Unlike standard 3-year warranty that other manufacturers give, Honda lawn mower is generous to extend it to 5.


This is one of the best electric lawn mowers that has been showing excellent results on gardens of different types. Its 56-volt Li-ion battery charging process takes just 1 hour and then enables you to use this lawn mower for a full hour non-stop. It’s perfectly suitable for small yards.

As it doesn’t need gas or oil, it is an eco-friendly lawn mower option. No harmful fumes and no pollution damage made. Quite a large cutting deck enables you to mow your lawn faster. The discharge bag goes with a wide mouth and is extremely easy to empty unlike in some even best lawn mowers.

Ego LM2102SP lawn mower is really easy to customize and handle, even for the first time users. It starts with just one press of a button. Its self-propelling feature can be customized depending on the mowing speed you need. It is also possible to adjust the cutting height to six different levels. All four wheels are adjusted automatically with one single lever.

This one of the best lawn mower is extremely quiet and produces practically no noise at all. You can even use it at night if you wish. This best lawn mower is also easy to maneuver as it weighs just 58 pounds unlike even some of the best lawn mowers. Its 9-inch wheels enable you to go through the obstacles and tight edges. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty on this best lawn mower, which gives its users an added layer of confidence and safety.


This is a self-propelled gas mower that works at various speeds and has high rear wheels.

Despite that this is an affordable lawn mower, it has such features as intuitive self-propulsion and good mulching, which you will probably not find in the models of the same price category.

However, you cannot adjust mulching options – which means you either bag all the clippings or do full mulching. Due to its front-wheel-drive feature, it is quite maneuverable and easy to handle.

It is also equipped with a wash-out port that allows users to conveniently clean the mower.

Users really enjoy a speed control option that lets them adjust mowing to their own comfortable pace.

The engine is quite powerful and reliable but the manufacturer gives only a 2-year warranty on the product.

Nevertheless, it’s suitable for the yards of different sizes and various grass types, which makes it one of the most popular choices among homeowners.


This is one of the best gas lawn mowers that can easily cope with hours of mowing on large lawns. It is really convenient in its use and handling. Even though it is powerful enough, it is still a lightweight mower.

Users are usually satisfied with its overall performance. Its low noise level makes it work quiet, even at night. The mower has six cutting levels, which enables you to adjust the blade position to the area you are mowing. However, some users notice certain jolting movements of the mower, for example when it starts. Sometimes these motor tendencies are a bit distracting and make the handling a bit uncomfortable, but you can actually get used to it soon. Moreover, they do not affect the mowing quality at all. And the handle is covered with a foam that reduces the vibrations when you mow.

This model’s system is quite user-friendly. It has one-lever wheel adjustment. It helps users to save time and efforts. The mower has a self-propulsion feature that the majority of gas lawnmowers possess. Another remarkable feature is a cleaning tool that works without turning off the mower. Just like the majority of high-level mowers, Snapper has a mulching feature and thus can chop your grass clippings inside. However, it still has one significant drawback – there is no chance to start it electrically. Pull string is used to switch it on and some strength is needed to do it.

The mower is suitable for all the body types as it’s lighter and smaller than the majority of other models of this type. Even a teenager can effortlessly use it. Yet, its engine is much larger than standard. This lightweight mower is packed with enough power to do its job well. The model is perfect for tough and thick grass.


A solid choice for homeowners who need a reliable gas lawn mower to keep their yard in order. Another Honda product in this list that offers uninterrupted performance and the engine power. What is remarkable about this model is a bigger bag capacity than other models in this row have – 2.4 bushels. It facilitates its maintenance a lot.

However, one of the characteristics that users are not much happy about is the noise level – 98.5 dB is enough to disturb the neighbors. Also, sometimes it requires more than one attempt to start the mower.

You also need to be really careful about cleaning this mower. It doesn’t have a quick-wash tool. Please also be informed that the wheel height is adjustable but is done via 4-lever setup, which means you will have to adjust each wheel separately. A bit time-consuming and uncomfortable for users.

Despite it lacks a row of significant features, Honda HRR is still among the best lawn mowers on the marketplace. Unlike the majority of other models in the same category and price range, it offers 6 different cutting levels and lets you easily adjust the mower to any grass height you prefer.

The handle is very maneuverable and comfortable to use. It is well-protected whenever any jolts occur. The model is light-weight and quite low. Even if you are not very tall or strong, you will have no difficulty using it. The engine is quite small but powerful enough.


This is an electric lawn mower that is perfectly suitable for flat areas sized up to the third on an acre. Even though it is powerful, it does not need any significant efforts to handle it and maneuver. It is a good eco-friendly option for those who need to take a good care of their lawns. The manufacturer sells this product with a generous 5-year warranty.

There are two batteries that can either work separately or simultaneously. These are 2-and 4-amp batteries that offer up to 30-min mowing and up to 50-min mowing accordingly. Another remarkable peculiarity is an automatic switchover option that switches between batteries without stopping the engine. The mower even recognizes when it requires more power to cut thicker grass and when it can reduce the power supply to a minimum. You will need 2 hours to charge the 4-amp battery and only 1 hour for a 2-amp one.

There are seven different cutting levels. You can choose any height from 1.375 inches to 3.375 inches. It is also equipped with a mulching feature. The grass is cut into smaller pieces and then thrown back onto the lawn. But if you prefer to keep all the grass in a bag, you can do it too and then empty it with ease.

However, this model is not self-propelled, which makes it one of the best push mowers. Luckily, its weight is only 44 pounds with 2 batteries included. Kobalt is a good option for small yards and environmentally-aware homeowners.


Craftsman 37441 lawn mower has a superior design and some advanced features that will help you mow your lawn without any significant efforts. This is a gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower that adjusts easily to the changes in direction and speed. However, the model does not have an electric start button, which is a drawback for the majority of homeowners. The size of a blade is 21 inches – usual size for the mowers of this type. It has 6 cutting levels that help you adjust the desired height of the grass – ranging between 1.25 and 3.75 inches.

One of the strongest sides of this mower is the ease of handling. The mowing quality is not affected when you change the speed or make a turn. Equipped with the front-wheel drive, it has outstanding maneuverability. In addition, with the 85dB noise level, it is very quiet compared to the majority of other gas models.

Also, it does not vibrate excessively when you handle it. The mower is equipped with a convenient wash-out port that facilitates the cleaning process a lot.

It has quite a small grass bag that you will have to empty quite often – only 1.9 bushels. The testing stage has shown that a lot of clippings escape the bag when you mow. Or you can use it as one of the best mulching mowers instead. The mower is sold with a 2-year warranty that is less than usual 3. However, the model has shown itself as a reliable mower that deals with the lawns of different sizes and different terrains.


This is a reliable self-propelled gas lawn mower that performs quite well on hilly terrains thanks to its all-wheel-drive feature.

The model is good for big-size lawns, even if it will not let you mow smoothly.

It can effectively cope even with steep slopes.

The mower is equipped with a large grass bag, which means you don’t need to empty it too often.

Or you can choose to mulch instead. The model has a 4-lever wheel adjustment that is a drawback compared to single-lever models.

It’s cutting deck is 22-inch wide and thus allows you to mow faster.

It is sold with a 3-year warranty, that is actually usual for gas mowers. All in all, this lawn mower is one of the best options for large hilly yards that need to be mowed quickly.


This is a zero-turn mower that is probably not perfectly suitable for residential use, especially when you have a lot of slopes on it, but still a very powerful mower worth considering.

Even though the mower is quite agile, it’s better suitable for flat yards, even if it handles sloppy terrains too. Cub Cadet RTZ S 46 also goes in 42- and 50-inch decks.

It has a convenient steering wheel and 2 hydro transmissions that are synchronized altogether.

Due to this, it is possible to easily cut nearly one or two acres of grass.

This model is much different from other zero-turn mowers and it has shown excellent performance for a few good years.

Unlike traditional zero-turn mowers, this model utilizes a Synchro Steer system.

It consists of a wheel and pedals. One will love its easy feel and handling.


Technology has made life easier. The same is about lawn mowing. When you cannot find the most suitable time to get your lawn in order, you won’t mind some help. This robotic mower can work every day to keep it cut.

It is possible to customize the schedule and make sure you won’t find your lawn unkept at the end of the week.

Traditional lawn mowers usually cut huge amounts of grass at once, which can actually reduce their life. Landroid cuts small pieces of grass without letting it grow to enormous heights. What you get is a well-kept garden 24/7.

This robotic lawn mower produces practically no noise, which means it is possible to take care of your lawn even at night.

Technically, the model has quite a powerful battery that allows cutting up to 1 thousand square meters per charge. Due to the slicing system used, the mower brings less damage to the lawn and fertilizes it.

In terms of design, the machine is extremely compact and light. It can easily go through narrow passages found in a yard.

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