Empowering Indonesia's
Future Talents

Unlocking Digital Knowledge & Potential To All Indonesian Future Generation Through Active Collaboration.

person holding black iphone 4
person holding black iphone 4

We Believe Digital Empowerment is Everyone's Right.

Therefore, it is our collective duty to equip Indonesia's next generation with the digital knowledge and strength needed to excel in the global arena.


Develop. Engage. Facilitate.

"The youth must've utilised the digital world better than us."

But have they been able to take full advantage of the potential of various technologies and features available to them throughout the digital world?

Just understanding the ABCs aren't enough, thus we initiate various programs to best equip these future talents by means of various DEF (Development, Engagement, and Facilitation) activities to unleash their full potential.

Short-Term Milestone Challenge

Our Learning Pathways

Intensive digital skills training with various facilitators to explore the potential of our future digital talents in the fields of: business, design, and product development.

Tailor made non-intensive program where teams are challenged to practice their digital skills to create a sustainable product and business / solution for the society.

Comprehensive Project Based